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Postal Portfolios - An Art Group by Mail

A Postal Portfolio is a collection of photographs or digital images of pastel works painted by members of a group and includes critiques/comments and personal letters. It is continually updated, costs little and circulates around the members at regular intervals.

Portfolio groups already operating have enjoyed and appreciated the regular contact with others working in the same medium, their encouragement, useful comments and over time the friendships formed. They can be especially valuable for those living in more isolated regions.

Portfolio members
The optimum number is eight and membership to a group is usually decided by location to keep postage costs down.  Each circuit of the portfolio takes approximately 3 months.

How it works
Portfolio group member's personal photographs and profiles, letters, painting images and critique/comment sheets are put in clear-files within a folder which circulates around the members in a canvas satchel.
Each member has the portfolio for two weeks, adds a new image, letter and critique/comment on other members work, then sends it to the next member on the list.

Any financial member of PANZ can belong to a group. Simply send the information below to the Postal Portfolio committee member and you will be included in a group as soon as possible.

  1. Name, address, phone number and email address.

  2. A small head and shoulders photograph of yourself (nice to put a face to a name).

  3. A brief personal profile (always interesting to know something about fellow members).

  4. An image of your chosen painting (size: min 6"x8" max 8"x10", best possible reproduction). If you like, write something about the painting eg; why you chose the subject, technique used etc.

  5. A general letter of greeting and introduction to the others in the group.

Each of these items should be on a separate page.

Postal Portfolio manager

Chris Cockitt

Contact Chris via Contact Us in the menu bar