Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

The Sail Mender
Prue Matthews

Beyond the Lens
PEOPLE'S CHOICE, 2014 - Helen Cummings

Spot knew he was Flying too...
Merle Bishop

Valerie's Garden
Valerie's Garden

Summer Camp
Joan Taylor

The Promise of Light
Angela Sharland

Bev Janes

Piggy in the Middle
Bill Burke

Ai Sleepy
Karen Neal

Lunch Time
John Barry

Cotton On
MERIT: Natalie Allen

It's Fairly Black and White
Karen Neal

Precious Wilderness
Marion Marquand

Morning Light - Kenepuru Sound
PEOPLE'S CHOICE, 2006 - Angela Sharland

Glenorchy Races
Marion Miller

Blue Wolf
Carmen Owen

Up for Repairs
MERIT, 2013 - Tony Allain

Waterwise at Waiake
Vivien Davimes

Jim Auckland

Annette McLachlan