Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

Orchids in Red Vase
Martha Mitchell

Lunch Time
John Barry

Pond at Flat Hills
Annette McLachlan

Karen Neal

Cotton On
MERIT: Natalie Allen

Julie Greig

It's Fairly Black and White
Karen Neal

Morning Light - Kenepuru Sound
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Angela Sharland

Glenorchy Races
Marion Miller

Slipway - Incoming Tide
MERIT Lyn Henry

Early Morning Glow
Debbie Emslie

Morning Splendour
Glenys Forbes

Up for Repairs
MERIT: Tony Allain

Maggie Cross

Alford Forest Hall and the Moas
Ngaio McKee

Jim Auckland

Tree Fern Patterns
Pat Lindbom

Annette McLachlan

All Tied Up
Judith White

Something Precious
Val Helm

Summer Concert in the Park
Anna Bannock

Christine Stewart

Ron Oliver

White Water - Otira Gorge
MERIT Pat Lindbom

Bees in Heaven
Sue Buxton

Still Life with Glass Crystals
Jenny Jackson

On the Edge
MERIT: Kathryn Millard

Exploring in My New Gumboots
Bev Janes

Simpsons Beach
Helena Blair

And the Fog Lifted
Rosalie Williams

Storm Brewing
Rona Lyn Fitzpatrick

Still Life
Sandra Wilson

The Sail Mender
Prue Matthews

Last Windfalls
Lyn Henry

Draft Horses
Patricia Domensino

Judith March

Beyond the Lens
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Helen Cummings

Pre Dawn Glow
Brian Frank

Valerie's Garden
Valerie's Garden

MERIT: Joan Silk