Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

Morie, Lea Farm - Pakawau

Marie Sanders

Masterclass "Portrait in Pastels' 2010
Lyn Diefenbach and student

Marching to the Beat
Martha Mitchell

A Slice of Paradise, Kaiteriteri
MERIT, 2015 - Bill Burke

Saturday night dinner
Julie Greig and Scottish interloper (John Barry).

End of the Line - Paekakariki
ARTIST'S AWARD, 2016 - Michael Freeman

Susan's View
Marion Towns

Masterclass "Portrait in Pastels' 2010
Marion Miller working on her portrait

Wilson Lattey

Merino Ram, Wairau Valley
Vicki Jackson

Union Jack - Paekakariki
Michael Freeman

Sunday floor talk
Lyn Diefenbach talking about some of the paintings.

Oki Street
Lyn Henry

The Moon Never Makes Use of the Sun's Palette
Kathryn Millard

Eruption at White Island
Phyll Clover

Sunday demonstration
Trying out Pan Pastels

Trompe l'oeil Memories
Barbara McKintosh

Otaihanga Morning
Wilson Lattey

Brian Frank

You've Won!
John Barry

Exhibition Opening Night
President Judith White, Judges Lyn Diefenbach and Marilyn Webb, convenor Glenys Fornes in front of Tony Allain's winning painting 'Boat Painters'.

Southern Veil
MERIT AWARD, 2017 - Julie Freeman

Snowy Mountain Queen
Karen Neal

Layers of the Earth
MERIT, 2007 - Maxine Burney

Gill Allsop

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Kitchen at Poderi Crisci
Marie Sanders

Martha Mitchell

Fixing Top Plate Packer
Gavin Chai

Exhibition Opening Night
New committee members Marion Miller and Christine Abernethy.

Wetland Reeds
Colleen Tetley

Exhibition Opening Night
John Barry, Michael Busby and Wilson Lattey

MERIT AWARD, 2017 - Glenys Forbes

Dancing Class
Maggie Cross

Venetian Reflections
Ron Oliver

Rainbow's Promise
MERIT: John Barry