Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

Susan's View
Marion Towns

Breezy Day - Mt Ruapehu
Judith White

Masterclass "Portrait in Pastels' 2010
Marion Miller working on her portrait

Merino Ram, Wairau Valley
Vicki Jackson

Ducks and Decoys
Diana Chetwin

Sunday floor talk
Lyn Diefenbach talking about some of the paintings.

Eruption at White Island
Phyll Clover

For Evie
Lyn Henry

Sunday demonstration
Trying out Pan Pastels

Otaihanga Morning
Wilson Lattey

Brian Frank

Exhibition Opening Night
President Judith White, Judges Lyn Diefenbach and Marilyn Webb, convenor Glenys Fornes in front of Tony Allain's winning painting 'Boat Painters'.

Layers of the Earth
MERIT, 2007 - Maxine Burney

Gill Allsop

Abel Tasman Lagoon
Glen Davenport

Exhibition Opening Night
New committee members Marion Miller and Christine Abernethy.

Exhibition Opening Night
John Barry, Michael Busby and Wilson Lattey

Shades of Blue
Gael Gamble

Rainbow's Promise
MERIT: John Barry

Worn Out
Jill Royds

Exhibition Opening Night
Maxine Thompson, Judith March and Lyn Henry

Rural Delivery
Heather Emsley

Vine Ripened
MERIT: Joan Taylor

Dunstaburgh Castle
Judith March

Exhibition Opening Night
Diana Chetwin and Sandra Wilson

Memories of Christchurch
Adele Crawford-Frank

The Song of Love
Mary Archibald

Cave Stream
Christine Abernethy

Gannets at Liger Bay
Marion Towns

Source of the Buller
Ngaio McKee

Nearly Done
John Barry

Masterclass "Portrait in Pastels' 2010
Australian Master Pastelist Lyn Diefenbach lecturing the 2010 Masterclass

Sunrise over Desert Road
Brian Frank

Night Shower
Anne Bannock

Fun With Flowers
Val Tubman

Fragments of the Path
Maxine Burney

Little Blue Jug-gle
Marian Painter

Black Fronted Tern, Wairau River
Vicki Jackson

Exhibition Opening Night
Dot and Walter Scott, Julie Greig and husband

Southern Kelp V
WINNER 2016 - Julie Freeman