Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

Still Life with Green Vase
Julia Blackler

Rona Lyn Fitzpatrick

Slipway - Incoming Tide
MERIT, 2014 - Lyn Henry

Lil Swimmer
Karen Neal

MERIT: Julie Freeman

Lift Off
John Barry

Orchids in Red Vase
Martha Mitchell

Cherry Blossom
Val Taubman

Last Light
MERIT: Tony Allain

Southern Island Kea
MERIT, 2012 - Julie Freeman

Julie Greig

Ng Ang

White Water - Otira Gorge
MERIT, 2014 - Pat Lindbom

Gulf Harbour 1
Nicola Warner

The Purple Cottage
Bill Burke

Morning Splendour
Glenys Forbes

Alford Forest Hall and the Moas
Ngaio McKee

Maxine Thompson

Summer Timer / Totara Tree
MERIT, 2012 - Joyce Young

Where's the Bull?
Graham Collis

Beyond the Lens
PEOPLE'S CHOICE, 2014 - Helen Cummings

Spot knew he was Flying too...
Merle Bishop

Dancing in the Dark
Carol Banner

Still Life with Glass Crystals
Jenny Jackson

Summer Camp
Joan Taylor