Pastel Artists of New Zealand

Exhibition Images

WINNER 2014 - Julie Freeman

Beyond the Lens
PEOPLE'S CHOICE, 2014 - Helen Cummings

Lace Moko IV
HIGHLY COMMENDED, 2014 - Karen Neal

Hand Painted Porcelain and Camellias
MERIT, 2014 - Val Tubman

Spot's Friends...there was usually a Kiwi among them
MERIT, 2014 - Merle Bishop

Slipway - Incoming Tide
MERIT, 2014 - Lyn Henry

White Water - Otira Gorge
MERIT, 2014 - Pat Lindbom

Piggy in the Middle
Bill Burke

Julie Freeman

Lift Off
John Barry

The Pink House
Tony Allain

Random Reversal
Carol Banner

Simmental Bull
Vicki Jackson

Africa Revisited
Marijke Schofield

Morning Splendour
Glenys Forbes

Blue Wolf
Carmen Owen

Inner Harbour
Tony Allain

You Can't Please Everyone
Donna Dold

Still Life with Glass Crystals
Jenny Jackson

Pleasant Flat
Judith White

Valerie's Garden
Valerie's Garden

Misty Morning
Wilson Lattey

The Shearers
Maggie Cross

Marie Sanders

Dive into Life - Bloom
Kellie Edwards

Waterwise at Waiake
Vivien Davimes

Orchids in Red Vase
Martha Mitchell

The Pastel Artist at Work
Judith March

Mother and Child
Karen James

Alford Forest Hall and the Moas
Ngaio McKee

I have been painting as long as I can remember
Marijke Schofield

Day at the River
Ann Carter

In the Pink
Annette McLachlan

Bev Janes

White Pearl Rhododendron
Shirley Sellers

Precious Wilderness
Marion Marquand

Retro Nouveau
Carol Banner

Let's Play
Maxine Thompson

Anny de Groot